Purple Poulet

A Southern Bourbon Bistro


Charleston & New Orleans in the Bluegrass

Purple Poulet is a southern bourbon bistro inspired by the cuisines of Charleston and New Orleans, with an infusion of Kentucky. Perfect for a dinner with friends, a special occasion or simply any occasion. It’s our mission to provide an unparalleled dining experience — one that reflects the original culture and flavors of the Bluegrass State and the Deep South.



Named Best Fried Chicken in Kentucky by Southern Living


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What people are saying about us.

Southern Living

October 2018

The Best Fried Chicken in Every State

Fort Thomas Matters

25th March 2016

The Purple Poulet struts their stuff

Bellevue Dayton Sun

15th March 2016

Purple chickens invade Dayton, KY

Bellevue Dayton Sun

2nd February 2016

Seasoned chef to open chic bistro in Dayton, KY

Being Southern is about more than our food. It is about devotion to our roots, a sense of place, of tradition, of family, of hard work and each other. To that end, we proudly present Purple Poulet, a Southern Bourbon Bistro where farm-fresh ingredients, classic southern cooking, southern culture
and hospitality await you.